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Poly-Jacking is a revolutionary solution that can help you fix sinking, cracking, or uneven concrete slabs in an easy, fast, and eco-friendly manner. This amazing system uses a specially-formulated foam made from recycled materials that reacts and expands when injected under the existing concrete in order to fill voids, level out the slab, and restore its functionality and stability. What’s great about Poly-Jacking is that it holds several advantages over traditional methods. For instance, it offers moisture and decay resistance, and its foam will never lose density or shrink over time. Plus, thanks to its lightweight material, Poly-Jacking will not burden unstable soil, thus reducing the risk of future damage. Moreover, the system includes different formulas that are designed to meet specific applications. And the best part? With Poly-Jacking, you won’t have to worry about costly demo or concrete removal. Instead, you can simply drill a few 5/8″ holes through the concrete, inject the polyurethane foam, patch the holes with concrete, and voila! Your concrete slab will be ready for use right away.

What is Poly-Jacking?

  • Polyurethane that reacts and expands to fill voids and raise concrete
  • Made from recycled material
  • Moisture and decay resistance
  • Foam will never lose density or shrink
  • Lighter weight will not over burden unstable soil
  • Several formulas designed for different applications

How Poly-Jacking Works:

  • No demo or concrete removal
  • Drill a series of 5/8″ holes through concrete
  • Inject polyurethane foam under existing concrete
  • The polyurethane foam will flow under the slab filling voids and raising concrete to correct level
  • Patch drilled holes with concrete
  • Your concrete slab is ready for use immediately
Poly Concrete Jacking is Eco-friendly