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COST EFFECTIVE.  Concrete raising is typically about half the cost of replacing the concrete.  Ultimately, the cost of raising or stabilizing concrete is a direct reflection of how much leveling material the project will require.


CLEAN WORK ENVIRONMENT.  No concrete or grout splatter and no wash down needed.  No heavy equipment driving through landscaping.


LIGHTWEIGHT.  The polyurethane material will never lose density, is permanent and weighs only about two pounds per cubic foot, compared to traditional mudjacking material which weighs on average 100 lbs per cubic foot.


SMALLER HOLES.  Polyurethane concrete raising requires nearly invisible 5/8″ holes (size of a dime) drilled and the process calls for considerably fewer holes than traditional mudjacking.  Minimal patchwork needed.


ADAPTABLE.  HMI polyurethane foam is a top-of-the-line material, designed specifically for different concrete applications.  It allows us to easily adjust our approach to your needs.


ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.  HMI foam leaves the smallest carbon footprint in comparison to ALL other concrete lifting polyurethanes.


TIME.  Ready to use immediately.