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Is your Concrete uneven or has settled? Why Jackhammer it... When you can Poly-Jack it!

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Driveway Raising & Leveling

Is your driveway uneven or sunken? Poly Concrete Jacking can help! Our cutting-edge foamjection technology quickly raises, stabilizes, and levels your driveway without demolition or removal. Polyurethane is injected into the damaged areas, filling voids and lifting the concrete back into place. Our experienced professionals will have your driveway looking like new in no time, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Garage Floor Leveling and Raising

A sinking garage floor can be unsafe and lower the value of your property. Poly Concrete Jacking has a cost-effective solution to this issue. Foamjection technology can lift, stabilize, and level your garage floor with minimal invasion. This method is quicker and requires fewer resources than traditional methods. Poly Concrete Jacking guarantees a smooth, safe, and appealing garage floor.

Patio Raising and Leveling

Creating a perfect patio takes time, planning, and money. Poly Concrete Jacking provides an affordable alternative to replacing unsightly and unstable concrete patios. Their concrete experts can fix your patio with a special grout mixture that adheres to your concrete and fills in gaps in your soil. This solution addresses the underlying cause of the problem and prevents it from re-occurring.

Step Raising and Leveling

At Poly Concrete Jacking, we can help fix your sinking and damaged concrete steps. Our polyurethane foamjacking technology quickly restores your steps to their former stability and safety. Say goodbye to cracks and sinking, and hello to peace of mind with our environmentally friendly and permanent solutions. Don't put up with unsafe steps any longer - contact Poly Concrete Jacking today.

Sidewalk Raising and Leveling

Do you trip and almost fall using your sidewalk to walk to your car or around your house? Bumpy ride for your children when trying to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk outside your home? Tripping hazards and uneven areas in your sidewalk make it unsafe for use. Let Poly Jacking Concrete help you get rid of those safety issues by lifting and leveling your sidewalk today!

Porch Raising & Leveling

"Stop worrying about your sinking porch! Poly Concrete Jacking can quickly and cost-effectively lift and level your concrete slab using advanced polyurethane foamjacking technology. Our skilled team eliminates tripping hazards and prevents further foundation damage. Contact us today to fully enjoy your porch with a beautiful, even view."

Pool Deck Raising & Leveling

Stubbing a toe on uneven concrete is less than desirable. Tripping and fall hazards around a pool caused by sunken sections of concrete needs to be repaired to prevent potential injury. Luckily, Poly Concrete Jacking can repair your pool deck using an eco-friendly, specially formulated polyurethane foamjacking technology to raise and lift your pool deck quickly and efficiently without having to endure the high costs of concrete tear down and removal.

repairing trip hazards

Commercial Services

Is your Concrete uneven or has settled?

Why Jackhammer it…

When you can Poly-Jack it!

Remove Hazards with Poly Concrete