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Pool Decks

Cracked, sinking, and uneven pool deck tripping you up and keeping you from safely enjoying your pool?   Poly Concrete Jacking can help! Stubbing a toe on uneven concrete is less than desirable. Tripping and fall hazards around a pool caused by sunken sections of concrete needs to be repaired to prevent potential injury. Luckily, […]


Want to enjoy sitting on your porch but can’t because of an uneven, sinking, or sloping concrete slab? Poly Concrete Jacking is here to help! Poly Concrete Jacking uses state-of-the-art polyurethane foamjacking technology to safely, quickly, and cost-effectively lift and level your porch preventing further foundation damage and getting rid of potential tripping hazards. What […]


Call Poly Jacking Concrete for all your sidewalk lifting and repair needs! Do you trip and almost fall using your sidewalk to walk to your car or around your house? Bumpy ride for your children when trying to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk outside your home? Tripping hazards and uneven areas in your sidewalk […]


Step it up and call Poly Concrete Jacking for your concrete step lift today! Are your concrete steps sinking, cracking, and unsafe to walk on? Let us at Poly Concrete Jacking help you quickly and efficiently lift them up with our environmentally friendly and permanent polyurethane foamjacking technology. Why are my steps sinking? There are […]


Creating the perfect patio takes time and planning, as well as money. Discovering unsightly cracks or gaps in your backyard retreat can be frustrating as well as costly to fix. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may even be unable to keep chairs, tables or grills on it for fear of instability. Do […]

Garage Floors

Sinking garage floor getting you down? Let us at Poly Concrete Jacking help pick you and that garage floor back up! Signs you may have a problem with your garage concrete slab: Gaps in the garage doors Light coming in through the door in areas you hadn’t noticed before Cracks in the garage floors and/or […]


Serving Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia & Virginia Has your driveway become sunken or uneven? Poly Concrete Jacking can quickly and efficiently raise, stabilize, and level your driveway surface using foamjection technology.   At Poly Concrete Jacking we inject polyurethane which reacts and expands to fill voids and raise the concrete eliminating the need for demolition or […]